Light-Weight Texture for Better Absorption

Close your eyes for a moment. Visualize yourself applying a product on your skin. What does the texture feel like? Is it light and feathery? Or is it thick and waxy? Almost no one likes the second feel. A light-weight, feathery texture is a dream to apply on your skin.

At The Effect Series, we understand that. But, we went beyond using sensorial techniques to sell our products.

We looked at the science.

For more than two years now, we’ve been working on our skincare products, not for the market, but for ourselves. And we’ve learned that a light-weight, water-based serum is the most effective medium for your skin to show amazing results.

Why is that?

Due to the tiny size of the molecules, it contains, a water-based serum is able to penetrate quickly through the outer layers of your skin. As a result, powerful, active ingredients quickly get to where they’re needed the most. And that is exactly what serums are designed for!

Water-based serums are designed to act as delivery systems. Their only purpose is to deliver highly potent, powerful ingredients deep down into your skin. Anything that could slow this process down, like petroleum or mineral oil, is left out.

Benefits of a Light-Weight Serum

Don’t we just hate that greasy feeling that many moisturizers leave behind? A water-based serum is quickly absorbed into your skin. There is absolutely no residue left behind. As a result, it becomes easier to apply makeup over this layer of serum.

However, if you choose to go makeup-free, that’s great too! Because a water-based serum hydrates your skin, leaving it plumped and radiant.

Often, when we have oily skin, we tend to go slow on the moisturizing. This makes your sebaceous glands go into over-production, often resulting in the production of excessive oil. A light-weight, water-based serum manages the secretion of oil by keeping your skin hydrated at all times.

At The Effect Series, we also understand that you do not have the time for elaborate skincare routines. This is why we ensured that every product from The Effect Series is a light-weight, water-based serum, each with a single, active ingredient. In fact, each product has the highest concentration of a single active ingredient.

Benefits of the Effect Series Products

Here are the products from The Effect Series:

  • Hydrating serum - Moisture retention is the sole purpose of the active ingredient, hyaluronic acid, in this product.
  • Whitening serum - Contains alpha arbutin, a naturally derived substance that is known to inhibit pigmentation, lighten dark spots, and even out the effects of acne scars.
  • Blemish minimizing serum - Contains niacinamide, which clears up adult acne, addresses open pores, and controls excess oil secretion.
  • Reyouth serum - Contains retinyl palmitate, which is created through a combination of retinol and palmitic acid. It penetrates through the skin to increase collagen production.
  • Brightening serum - Contains Vitamin C, which gives your skin a radiant glow.

So, that’s the range of products from The Effect Series.

Each with the highest concentration of a single, active ingredient. And the best way to get this active ingredient right away to where it’s needed the most is to give it a medium that works. The medium, as you saw, is a light-weight, water-based serum. No fillers, no fancy ingredient list that will prevent the active ingredient from doing its job. Just a feather-like, velvety texture that will penetrate the outer layers of your skin quickly and get to the point.

Your skin deserves focused care, delivered through a light-weight medium. Your skin deserves the range of products from The Effect Series.



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